#MLSXSW: Opposites Attract

March 11, 2014


Omni Downtown Lone Star 700 San Jacinto


What happens when you combine ideas from one of the oldest art museums in the US with one of the world's edgiest research labs? Sensors bringing eighth-century Tang dynasty Chinese tomb guardians to life? Foldable electric cars vs 18th century Japanese palanquins? Quite simply: serendipity! Juliette Fritsch (Peabody Essex Museum) met Stacie Slotnick (MIT Media Lab) in a tent in a muddy parking lot at last year’s SXSW Interactive. It might seem that they’d have little overlap in their daily work, but after chatting over a banana piano, they found many possible collaborative opportunities between their very different organizations. Founded in 1799 by Salem's globe-trotting merchants, PEM's now a 21st-century museum with 1m+ objects of art, culture, and creativity. In its third decade, the Media Lab is home to more than 200 researchers exploring antidisciplinary research where anything is possible. Together we’re exploring potential collaborations bridging historic and 21st century tech.

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