Music | MACHINES: 50 Years of Music and Technology at MIT

February 5, 2011


E14-6th Floor


Music | MACHINES will be a full day and evening experience at MIT’s new Media Lab Complex celebrating the Institute’s unique tradition and future plans at the convergence of music, science and engineering. Curated by Professors Joseph Paradiso and Tod Machover – and one of the kick-off events of the FAST Arts Festival in celebration of MIT's 150th anniversary – Music | MACHINES will weave together discussions, demonstrations and performances to show the astounding variety of “future music” work at MIT, from audio innovations to synthetic performers, from sensors and interfaces to theories of musical mind and emotion, from hypercellos for Yo-Yo Ma to Guitar Hero. Participants include Max Mathews (called “the father of computer music”), Miller Puckette (inventor of MAX/MSP), Eran Egozy (co-founder of Harmonix), Emeritus Professors Marvin Minsky and Barry Vercoe, and many others. The culminating imaginative concert will feature surprising, stimulating music by Machover, Ziporyn, Makan, Farbood, Rowe, etc.

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