Pedro Reynolds-Cuellar Speaks on Panel "Defund Big Tech, Refund Communities"


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June 10, 2021
4:00pm — 5:30pm ET

Pedro Reynolds-Cuellar will be speaking on a panel hosted by the Centre for Free Expression, "Defund Big Tech, Refund Communities." This event builds on the recent publication of the same name.

 While Big Tech enterprises offer many obvious benefits, there is growing public awareness they present a variety of societal threats. It is much less clear how to tame Big Tech and what the alternatives might be. Join a panel of experts who issued the recent Defund Big Tech, Refund Community statement and will discuss how their own community-oriented activism helps demonstrate that another tech is possible. 

Co-sponsors: Edmonton Public Library, Milton Public Library, Thunder Bay Public Library, Toronto Public Library, Vancouver Public Library


  • Lilly Irani, Associate Professor of Communication & Science Studies, University of California, San Diego; 
  • Pedro Reynolds-Cuellar, Ph.D. student at the MIT Media Lab; Member, MIT Center for Civic Media; Co-Founder, the Colombian design for social justice collective ‘Diversa'
  • Dawn Walker, PhD Candidate at the University of Toronto Faculty of Information, Member of Hypha Worker Co-operative, co-organizer Our Networks.


  • Andrew Clement, Professor Emeritus & Co-Founder Identity Privacy and Security Institute, University of Toronto Faculty of Information 
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