Prof. Fadel Adib to Keynote 2023 IEEE RFID Conference


MIT Media Lab

Jimmy Day

Tuesday — Thursday
June 13, 2023 —
June 15, 2023

Prof. Fadel Adib of the Signal Kinetics group will be a keynote speaker at the 2023 IEEE RFID  Conference on Thursday, June 15. His talk will be on Bringing Backscatter to New Domains: Oceans, In-Body, Robotics, and Augmented Reality. 

Several Signal Kinetics group members are also participating in the conference. Laura Dodds and Tara Boroushaki are presenting two papers: Exploiting Synergies between Augmented Reality and RFIDs for Item Localization and Retrieval (Tara Boroushaki, Maisy Lam, Wei-Tung Chen, Laura Dodds, Aline Eid, Fadel Adib) and Software-Controlled Polarization for Longer-Range RFID Reading and Localization (Laura Dodds, Nazish Naeem, Aline Eid, Fadel Adib);  Sayed Saad Afzal is also leading a workshop on Oceans IoT with former postdoctoral associate Aline Eid. 

Update: The teams have received Best Paper Award and Best Paper Runner-Up at this conference! 

Fadel Adib is an Associate Professor at the MIT Media Lab and EECS, where he leads the Signal Kinetics research group. He is an inventor of new wireless and sensor technologies that address complex problems in health monitoring, networking, robotics, and ocean IoT. Adib has founded multiple startups, including Cartesian Systems, which aims to sense the physical world at an unprecedented scale and precision. His research has been recognized with various honors, including being named one of the world's top 35 innovators under 35 and the ACM SIGMOBILE Rockstar Award.

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