Ramesh Raskar testifies on Contact Tracing for House Committee on Financial Services


John Werner

John Werner 

July 8, 2020
12:00pm ET

Virtual hearing: "Exposure Notification and Contact Tracing: How AI Helps Localities Reopen Safely and Researchers Find a Cure"

Camera Culture group head Ramesh Raskar, representing both the MIT SafePaths project and Media Lab spinoff PathCheck.org, has been invited to testify before the US House Committee on Financial Services Task Force on Artificial Intelligence in a public, virtual hearing.

Joining Raskar on the expert panel are Brian McClendon, CEO, Co-founder, CVKey Project, Krutika Kuppalli, MD, Infectious Diseases Physician, and Andre M. Perry, Fellow, Metropolitan Policy Program, Brookings Institute.

Overview: The novel coronavirus 2019 (“COVID-19”) pandemic has had a significant public health and economic impact on the United States, including on the financial services sector. As states halt or reverse phased reopening’s because of recent increases in COVID-19 infections, the ability to trace and contain the virus continues to remain a top priority for all aspects of society. Contact tracing and exposure notification have the potential to help isolate coronavirus cases and keep workers, including at financial institutions, safe. Artificial intelligence (“AI”) has been instrumental in helping experts analyze the influx of new research and data related to how COVID-19 continues to evolve. However, some experts have raised concerns about using AI to analyze consumer and financial data related to COVID-19 because doing so may violate consumer privacy laws.

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