Space Exploration Initiative at the 2022 International Astronautical Congress (IAC)

Sunday — Saturday
September 18, 2022 —
September 24, 2022

Researchers associated with the Space Exploration Initiative (SEI) presented several papers, one of which was co-authored by Media Lab Director Dava Newman. SEI researcher Maggie Coblentz also led a workshop during the conference. Explore the contributions below.

SEI Papers Presented at IAC 2022:

  • C. Paige, F. Ward, D. D. Haddad, J. MacNeil, P. McGaffigan, A. Ekblaw and D. Newman. “MIT Zero-G Outreach Initiative: using experiment design and virtual reality to inspire the next generation of space scientists and engineers.” IAC 2022, Paris, France. IAC-22-E1.2.72508
  • Nadia Khan, Mehak Sarang, Ariel Ekblaw, Isabella Torres. "The Lunar Open Architecture: Towards a Shared Roadmap of Lunar Exploration." IAC 2022, Paris, France. IAC-22,A3,1,4,x71747
  • Sands Fish,Mehak Sarang, Che-Wei Wang, Ariel Ekblaw. "The Zenolith: A Robotic Assistant for Human Orientation and Psychological Tethering in Microgravity." IAC 2022, Paris, France. IAC-22,B3,6-A5.3,3,x74069
  • S. Sharma, N. Klop-Packel, A. Ekblaw. “The Astronaut Ethnography Web Project: Insights from First-Person Accounts of Space.” IAC 2022, Paris, France. IAC-22,E1,9,19,x68611
  • Somayajulu Dhulipala, Manwei Chan. "Agrifuge: An exploration of controlled irrigation methods for a rotating plant habitat." IAC-22, Paris, France. IAC-22,A2,3,4,x69080
  • J. Todd, C. Gentgen, A. Porter, R. Bellisle, B. C. Martell, and J. Hoffman. "The Ceres Human Exploration and Transit Architecture (CHEATA): a mission architecture for small bodies exploration." IAC-22, Paris, France. IAC-22,A5,4-D2.8,3,x73621
  • Shu-Yu Lin and Anna Yang. “Prototyping wearable sensor system for understanding proprioceptive changes in microgravity.” IAC-22, Paris, France. IAC-22,A2,7,9,x67800
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