Talk: Ruixi Yuan, "Online Cooperation/Competition Dynamics"

November 23, 2010




The Internet presents rich opportunities to conduct large-scale social behavior and information diffusion research. We present two studies based on large scale online data.
In the first study, cooperation and competition dynamics from online gaming communities were analyzed and a discrete model was developed for the gaming system. In the second study, an epidemic information propagation model was developed to model the topic propagation in the blogspace. We demonstrate its effectiveness by comparing to data collected from popular Chinese blog sites.
Professor Yuan willl also introduce some recent research progresses in the area of topic emergence and social networks.


Professor Ruixi Yuan obtained his BS from the University of Science and Technology of China, and his PhD from Texas A&M University. Yuan worked in the US technology industry (NEC Labs, GTE, BBN) before joining Tsinghua University as a full professor in the Department of Automation. He has written many journal and conference papers, and authored is the author of Virtual Private Networks—Technologies and Solutions (Addison-Wesley, 2001). He holds 6 US patents and 1 Chinese patent in the area of communication and networking. Yuan’s current research interests include Internet media, wireless communication networks, and complex system dynamics.

Host/Chair: Human Dynamics

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