TEDxBoston: Countdown to Artificial General Intelligence


Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash

Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash

March 6, 2023

On March 6, a variety of speakers—including the following Media Lab community members—will present five-minute talks on what the future could look like in an attempt to probe outstanding challenges that exist in deep learning and AI, and unlock new insights into human intelligence. They will cover topics on the impact of AGI including ethics, the evolution of creativity, intelligence augmentation, the future of work and education, and innovation in health. 

The event takes place in person at The ‘Quin House in Boston, with a closing reception at MIT CSAIL.

AGI Talks (Block 1)

  • Abhishek Singh @ 10am
  • Catherine Havasi @ 11am    

AGI Talks (Block 2) 

  • Isabella Loaiza-Saa @ 12pm 

AGI Talks (Block 3) 

  • Leticia Izquierdo Garcia @ 2pm 

AGI Talks (Block 4) 

  • Pat Pataranutaporn @ 4pm (see recording below)  
  • Robert Mahari @ 5pm 

AGI Talks (Block 5) 

  • Valdemar Danry @ 7pm (see recording below)  



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