Vida Decision Support System International Network Meeting - November 2020




November 10, 2020

On November 10th, the first meeting of the Vida Decision Support System International Collaboration Network took place, with collaborators from Angola, Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, and Mexico meeting to discuss the ongoing innovations occurring on the Vida project as well as other related integrated modeling and data analysis with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Learn more about the Vida Decision Support System, led by the Space Enabled research group, at this site.

Please view the agenda below along with summary slides from each collaborator.

A summary of the meeting can be found in this document.


All times are in ET, post-daylight savings time.

Introduction | 8:05 AM

Opening remarks from Professor Danielle Wood

MIT Vida Demonstration | 8:10 AM

A demonstration of thee current Vida prototype tool and a discussion of future directions by Jack Reid (Doctoral Student, Space Enabled Research Group, MIT Media Lab).

Vida Collaborator Presentations | 8:25 AM (10 minutes each)

Presentations from Vida collaborators in the following order: Brazil, Indonesia, Chile, Angola, and Mexico.

Presentation from the team in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Presentation from the team in Indonesia

Presentation from the team in Chile

    • Speaker name: José Guridi
    • Organizational Affiliation: Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation
    • Presentation TitleCOVID-19 Data in Chile

Presentation from the team in Angola

Presentation from the team in Mexico

Conclusion (10 minutes) | 9:40 AM

Summary of where information can be found and closing remarks from Professor Danielle Wood.

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