A to A: A World in Harmony

February 25, 2012


MIT Media Lab, E14-633 and Aram Khatchaturyan Hall in Yerevan, Armenia


The concert pioneers a collaborative music composition process amongst children in Armenia and America led by MIT Media Lab professor Tod Machover. The project is a synergy between the Luys Foundation, MIT, and the United States Embassy.
Young, aspiring composers in Armenia and America between the ages of eight and fourteen, with various degrees of musical experience, came together over the past couple of months to compose with "Hyperscore," hence the title of the concert. Hyperscore is a computer music composition environment created at the MIT Media Lab by Tod Machover along with PhD researcher Mary Farbood.
Thanks to new communications technologies, Machover conducted a composition workshop linking the Luys office in Yerevan, a classroom in the Gargar village, and the MIT Media Lab. Children were able to create original musical ideas, quickly discuss and modify each other's suggestions, and work together to produce a musical "story" dedicated to friendship near and far.
On Saturday, February 25, the "A to A : A World in Harmony" concert will take place simultaneously at the Aram Khatchaturyan Hall in Yerevan at 8pm and at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge at 11am.
The collective musical piece composed by the children as well as some of the individual works from the United States and Armenia will be played by the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra and the DOGMA Rock Band.
The world will come together through a web-streamed concert to share the joy of young composers co-creating music, celebrating friendship and welcoming a positive and productive future.

Host/Chair: Tod Machover

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