Anushka Shah

Civic Media, Center for Civic Media
  • Researcher/Community Manager, Media Cloud

Anushka Shah works as a researcher at the Center for Civic Media, MIT Media Lab.

Since 2016 she has been working on Media Cloud - an open-source news analysis platform developed by MIT and Harvard that allows you to explore the attention, influence, and framing of issues in the media. She works with journalists, non-profits, activists and foundations on mapping media representation and on designing interventions based on Media Cloud's insights.

More recently, she has started a project called Civic Entertainment that explores the intersection of civic engagement with film, television, radio, and digital entertainment. This project focuses on researching the media effects of fiction towards thought and behavior change, explores how methods of social change available to citizens can be best represented in entertainment media, and investigates the representation of protest and activism in current popular culture. She also runs a production studio in Mumbai called Civic Studios that creates civic entertainment content for Indian audiences.

Originally from Mumbai, India, Anushka divides her time between Mumbai and Boston. She has a background in applied statistics and digital text analysis, and has also previously worked with non-profits and political parties in  India.