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Lucas Cassiano Pereira Silva

Former Research Assistant
  • City Science

Lucas Cassiano is a graduate student in the City Science group. As part of his bachelor's in Science and Technology (2016) in Brazil, Lucas developed projects related to HCIs applied to physiotherapy and the medical industry. The passion to understand and developer tools to improve user interaction with devices led him to study sensors deployment, data collection/analysis, interaction design, and industrial design, ultimately switching his focus to the Internet of Things.

Named OCA [ read as o-k-ɑ: - {from Tupi-guarani} is the name given to the typical Brazilian indigenous housing structure ], his master's thesis was based on the development of a platform that treats the physical environment (with the focus in the wall) as an interconnected platform for user activity interaction and recognition. The main contribution of this platform relies on its architecture: designed to allow not only edge computing but interconnected data of high level of abstraction; i.e. the devices are orchestrated by OCA to understand (infer) the user interactions with the environment based on all devices data. It's an approach that mixes edge computing, data analysis/classification with a user-centered design.

Lucas' work is not only the intersection of Industrial design and engineering, it floats within the low to the higher level of each field, using engineering tools to perfect design, improving the user experience.


Open-source projects: