Hang Jiang

Research Assistant
  • MIT Center for Constructive Communication

I am a PhD candidate at MIT working on natural language processing (NLP), human-AI interaction (HAI), and computational social science (CSS), supervised by Professor Deb Roy.  My research goal is to understand and bridge human communication with the help of AI.

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in the following research directions: 

  • Social NLP: incorporate social factors into natural language understanding and generation
  • Human-centered AI: design human-centered AI systems for effective human-AI collaboration
  • AI for social sciences: apply AI to facilitate research in social and cognitives sciences

A brief bio: 

I completed my undergrad at Emory University in Computer Science and Linguistics and obtained my M.S. degree in Symbolic Systems at Stanford University. I worked at Stanford NLP Group, Stanford Language and Cognition Lab, and Emory NLP Lab. I have also worked as an intern at AI2, Google, IBM, Apple, Educational Testing Service (ETS), and CMU.

If you want to chat about research, please contact me through email. 

Check out my homepage here!