Hyeokjun Yoon

Research Assistant
  • Conformable Decoders

Hyeokjun Yoon is currently a M.S. student in MIT media lab.  He received his M.S. and B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering at Seoul National University. Before joining media lab, he focused on the research about flexible bioelectronics fabricated with nanomaterials and fiber-based polymer materials. He also concentrated on nanomaterial synthesis and laser-based fabrication process with nanomaterials. For bioelectronics development, he studied the field of electronic circuit design and machine learning as well.

His research interest lies in the development of flexible bioelectronics for healthcare applications. Specifically, diagnosis and therapeutics through bioelectronics are his main interest. His graduate research in media lab is also supported by The Korean Government Scholarship Program for Study Overseas (KGSPSO).