Ikra Iftekhar Shuvo

Research Assistant
  • MAS Affiliated Research Assistants

Ikra is a PhD student at the Media Lab , Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Ikra specializes in micro-fabricating ultrasonic transducers with conformable characteristics for soft tissue imaging and textile electronics.

Currently exploring flexible electronics for a broad spectrum of applications, including wearables and smart electronic textiles, Ikra’s research interest lies in taking an interdisciplinary approach to studying physiological biosignals of the human body. After completing his B.S. in Textile Engineering (BUTEX) and M.S. in Biosystems Engineering (U of Manitoba), Ikra worked at different Canadian companies to gain real-world experiences. For example, at BOEING Canada, he gained experiences in composite fabrication technologies for aircraft panels; later, he moved to become an Assistant Buyer at a major Canadian retailer to understand the North American retail business ecosystem. Through formal MITACS internships, Ikra also had the opportunity to collaborate with major technology transfer and R&D centres in Canada, including Composites Innovation Center (Manitoba) and Groupe CTT (Quebec), and produce multiple publications in Science Advances, Nature Electronics, Springer, SAGE,  Wiley and Elsevier.