Jason Hou

Research Assistant
  • Conformable Decoders

Jason Hou is a first-year PhD student. He earned his M.S. in the MIT Media Lab and B.S. in Bioengineering from UC Berkeley. There he developed microfabrication techniques for building high-density carbon fiber neural recording arrays at the Maharbiz Lab. Jason continued his work in neurotechnology at Neuralink where he designed, built, and tested various parts of the neural implant hardware including its thin-film electrodes and wireless charging system. He currently works on using modalities such as ultrasound to modulate neurons in the brain or activate drugs delivered on-demand.

His research interests lie in the design of chronically implantable wireless hardware systems, which seamlessly monitor and modulate biomarkers of human health and disease. He is passionate about electronics design, materials, and processing techniques needed for the fabrication and manufacturing of cutting-edge neural and soft-tissue interface devices. In the long term, he envisions these devices to cybernetically enrich the experiences of all humans.