Past Member

Joao Pedro Goncalves Marins Costa

Former Research Assistant

João Costa is a designer and researcher working with a variety of tools and processes – ranging from computational design to building robots and machines. João is interested in how we can work with nature to create new materials and processes–exploring innovative methods for designing products and reinventing fabrication techniques.

João holds a Doctorate degree from the MIT Media Lab, where he worked as a member of the Mediated Matter Research Group. His research focused on the investigation of design frameworks that develop fabrication processes and design objects that work with specific organisms, routines and materials found in nature.

João also holds an M.P.S. degree from ITP at the New York University, and a B.A. in Graphic Design and Visual Communication from PUC in Rio de Janeiro. He aims to bring nature as an agent in the construction of spaces, structures and products, facilitating the dialogue between philosophy, science, architecture and art by furthering the multiple relationships between these different fields and the exploration of novel design frameworks.