Michael Fernandez

Research Assistant
  • Biomechatronics

Michael is a second-year PhD candidate in the mechanical engineering department at MIT. He received his MS in mechanical engineering in the Biomechatronics  group in May 2022. Previously, he graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a BS in mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering in May 2020. 

Michael is working to improve  the experiences of persons with upper extremity amputation, beginning with the amputation itself. He is seeking to use the body's native neural signals to provide feedback to prosthesis users via soft tissues constructs.  Then, by taking advantage of the way the soft tissue constructs preserve natural muscle activation patterns, Michael creates direct neural controllers which allow prosthesis users to intuitively control their devices.

Outside the lab, Michael spends his time skiing, cycling, and crocheting.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/mikey-fernandez2