Past Member

Udayan Umapathi

Former Research Assistant
  • Tangible Media

Scientist and a designer Udayan Umapathi seeks to blur the boundary between the natural and synthetic computation. His work is underlined by the idea that “computation is a way of understanding the universe.” More specifically, his research investigates how physical matter can be manipulated through computation. 

His most recent work focused on using programmable water droplets to create computer interfaces and automate biology. Currently, he is focused on scaling this work to enable the next-generation of biological processes.

Before joining the MIT Media Lab, Udayan worked at various research labs, and in industry; he was also co-founder of several start-ups. His work has been showcased at international venues such as ACM UIST, ACM CHI, and MRS, and has been exhibited at various art galleries.

Udayan is advised at the Media Lab by Professors Hiroshi Ishii, Neil Gershenfeld, and Joseph M. Jacobson. 

If Udayan is not making something at a lab, he is observing wildlife, flying planes, or making public art.