A Holiday Message from Dava Newman


Sapan Patel on Unsplash.

Sapan Patel  on Unsplash.

Wishing you a holiday season filled with love, peace, and joy of discovery.

May this holiday season inspire us and encourage reflection, compelling us to act on our shared vision to invent a better and more just future—by, with, and for all. The Media Lab community embodies the art and design of the possible, enthusiastically seeking to transform perceived impossibilities into tomorrow’s realities through creative exploration, envisioning better lives, communities, and environments.

Your invaluable presence contributes to our unique and vibrant tapestry of the Media Lab. The collaborations we’ve shared have been a wellspring of inspiration, and we look forward to building on the achievements of the past year, all while celebrating the collective impact of "One Media Lab." I am deeply grateful to be part of this extraordinary community.

Here’s to our future filled with boundless possibilities and the enduring ethos of creative exploration. Happy holidays!

Dr. Dava Newman
Director, MIT Media Lab
Apollo Professor of Astronautics

Video by Lingdong Huang and Zach Lieberman. Participants included David Sweeney, Dava Newman, Kristin Hall, Andy Lippman, Ashley Bell Clark, Marcella Framondi, Kevin Dunnell, Perry Naseck, Maria Ramos Gonzalez, Jad Kabbara, D. Pillis, Dexter Callender, and more!

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