Algorithmic Justice League among Fast Company's most innovative companies in artificial intelligence for 2020/2021

Joy Buolamwini

Fast Company has listed the Algorithmic Justice League (AJL), a nonprofit founded by PhD student Joy Buolamwini,  as one of the 10 most innovative companies in artificial intelligence for 2020/2021. AJL has been recognized for its work in crusading against programmatic bias, especially as more companies begin incorporating machine learning and other technology within their business strategies. 

The Algorithmic Justice League analyzes and publicizes the way in which algorithms can encode bias even more deeply into society; the nonprofit is specifically dedicated to auditing AI systems and making sure they are free from racial, gender, and other kinds of bias. Based on founder Joy Buolamwini’s pioneering research that exposed how facial-recognition algorithms from top tech companies are significantly better at detecting light-skinned male faces as compared to dark-skinned female faces, AJL’s advocacy has helped convince giants like Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft to hold back on developing facial-recognition algorithms. 

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