DAO fused City Scope Spinoff Project Awarded by WIRED Common Ground Challenge




Namaph, a project by City Science group PhD candidate Yasushi Sakai and his collaborators Kosuke Katano (former research affiliate with the Media Lab's Community Biotechnology Initiative) and Sei Takeda, received the 2022 WIRED Japan Common Ground Challenge Award in the PwC Consulting, Resilience category. Namaph (nature map graph) is a simulation and a consensus-building system that uses DAOs to enable decision making among various stakeholders who are reviewing an urban context and, more specifically, reviewing plant diversity in a predetermined environment. 

The Common Ground Challenge from WIRED Japan aims to “to build a common foundation, or, in other words, a Common Ground, in a society that appears to be both multi-layered and fragmented.” Michiaki Matsushima, Editor-in-Chief of WIRED Japan, stated that this award and "the true meaning of its existence lies in the fact that the winners and finalists will work together with the organizers, the University of Tokyo Institute of Industrial Science, PwC Consulting, and WIRED Japan, to solve some of the practical problems that we are facing as a society.’’                

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