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Daimler Lab1886

As part of a continuing collaboration between Daimler and MIT Media Lab, Ryan McCarthy and Phil Tinn spent a week at the headquarters of Daimler and Lab1886 in Stuttgart, Germany for a deep dive into Daimler’s ecosystem for innovation, R&D, and production. Teams from both organizations explored and outlined activities for the second phase of our collaboration.

“The MIT Media Lab's contributions to experience days have been enlightening and helped frame future activities. The collaboration is a perfect example of a fruitful partnership between the world of science and the economic system of innovation-oriented companies like Daimler,” says Dieter Feder, Senior Manager of Lab1886.

“Urban transportation is a generational challenge closely tied to the wellbeing and socioeconomic potential of contemporary societies—a challenge that requires cross-sectoral and cross-disciplinary collaborations. We are thrilled to have Daimler as a part of our family of cities and corporate partners around the world, collaboratively exploring new approaches to enabling more sustainable, equitable, and enjoyable ways for people to get to places,” says Tinn.  "Furthermore, this event allows us to deepen our communication and understanding of each other’s capabilities, aspirations, and convictions for addressing this great urban mobility challenge.”

Benjamin Bhattacharya-Ghosh has more about Lab1886 and its University Collaborations Program.

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