Danielle Wood Featured on Big Think highlighting need for Sustainable Space Tech


Big Think

Big Think

Danielle Wood and the research of Team Space Enabled were featured recently on a video by Big Think, entitled "We need sustainable space tech.  One solution - bees?" The video highlights two aspects of the mission of Team Space Enabled, which is "Advancing Justice in Earth's Complex Systems Using Designs Enabled by Space." Within this mission, Team Space Enabled pursues work along several themes, one of which is designing space systems that are sustainable and accessible. Sustainability in space includes addressing the serious concerns caused by space debris which puts useful satellites at risk of dangerous collisions. While many societal services, including transportation, communication, banking and energy rely in part on satellite infrastructure, more work is needed to ensure that satellites are safe from debris risk. Team Space Enabled is working on a project called the Space Sustainability Rating with the World Economic Forum to celebrate satellite operators that do their best to reduce space debris and collision risk. Another approach to addressing this concern is to make affordable and accessible for more small satellites to use propellant or fuel to push themselves out of orbit faster and reduce debris by burning safely in Earth's atmosphere. Team Space Enabled is studying the potential of beeswax and candlewax as potential fuels for satellites of the future. Read more about the Wax Propulsion Project here and watch the video below:

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