Deblina Sarkar Receives iCANX Young Scientist Award

iCANX, Daniel Goodwin, Biswajit Sarkar

Deblina Sarkar, assistant professor at MIT and AT&T Career Development Chair Professor at MIT Media Lab, received the iCANX Young Scientist Award. She delivered her award talk on August 20th at 8am EDT.

iCANX is a Global Innovation & Ecological Centre with a goal to disseminate global cutting-edge technological innovation, and tap and train top innovative talents. It gathers the world's top scientists covering a broad spectrum of areas, including microelectronics, information technology, new materials, biomedicine, intelligent manufacturing, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence. Sarkar’s talk takes us from energy-efficient nanoelectronic transistors to non-electronic computational system, especially the brain, and discuss the amazing technologies that can be built by fusing these two fields. 

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