Guillermo Herrera-Arcos receives fellowships from K. Lisa Yang ICoN Center and Government of Mexico


Joel Huegel

Joel Huegel

Guillermo Herrera-Arcos, a PhD student in the Biomechatronics research group, has been selected as a K. Lisa Yang Integrative Computational Neuroscience (ICoN) graduate fellow. Herrera-Arcos is applying genetic engineering to control the peripheral nervous system as a means of restoring muscular function after paralysis.

The K. Lisa Yang ICoN Center offers fellowships for graduate students and postdocs to work collaboratively across neuroscience disciplines and develop computational models based on data acquired from molecular, physiological, imaging, and behavioral experiments.

Herrera-Arcos has also received a fellowship from  the National Council of Science and Technology of Mexico. This fellowship is awarded to Mexican citizens that are doing their PhD abroad.

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