Lara Ozkan selected as a MIT Schwarzman College of Computing Scholar


Conformable Decoders

Conformable Decoders

Lara Ozkan, an undergraduate researcher in the Conformable Decoders group, was selected as MIT Schwarzman College of Computing’s SERC Scholar. Lara is currently a sophomore at MIT studying Computer Science and Molecular Biology. She will be working to advance the Social and Ethical Responsibilities of Computing initiative by researching the technical and ethical dimensions of Women’s Health and FemTech industries. This is an extension of her women’s health work with Conformable Decoders on breast imaging and pregnancy monitoring devices. Lara hopes to incorporate these computing ethics in her academic pursuits in computational biology and data analytics.

The SERC Scholars program recognizes undergraduate and graduate students across the entire MIT community that are committed to incorporating humanist and social responsibility into MIT’s research and teaching of computing.

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