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Kent Larson / City Science


In collaboration with FEDA and General Electric we are determining how the patterns of the users (tourists, citizens, workers) can affect the energy consumption of the country. Based on those energy patterns we are currently developing simulation tools that will allow the stakeholders to take better decisions in the energetic field.

Current Projects

  • School, energy awareness
  • Energy performance
  • Energy prediction tool


Using TerMITes in the Escola Andorrana de Andorra la Vella we want to sensibilize students about the relation of the energy performance of the building and the patterns of use. Students will learn how to use the sensors, collect data and will discover strategies to reduce the energy consumption of the building.  

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Contributors: Jason Nawyn, Carson Smuts, Juanita Devis, Luis Alonso, Núria Macià (ActuaTech), Bruno Bartolomé, Albert Maluquer (Escola Andorrana), Cristina Yáñez, Aleix Dorca, Florenci Pla (UdA), Josep Ribó, Pau Gaillard (FP), Marc Pons, Marc Vilella, Oriol Travesset (OBSA), Xavier Forné (FEDA)

TerMITes for Electronautes

The goal of the project is to engage elementary school students in an educational experience which relates quantitative environmental measurements with their qualitative perceptions and feelings about the surrounding environment.

Mapping sensor data with personal perceptions is crucial for a long-lasting profound learning. This is especially true for the age targeting this project, in which students approached for the first time the topics related to sensors and data. Moreover, the traditional visualization tools adults are used to, such as charts and numbers, had to be adapted to the specific audience through a more familiar and engaging experience.

Contributors:  Juanita Devis,  Núria Macià (ActuaTech), Jason Nawyn, Luis Alonso

With support from:  Escola Andorrana de Andorra La Vella


Preliminary standard analysis that links energy consumption, events, tourism and amenities (Hotels, Public buildings, Ski spots, Schools, etc.).

Contributors: Luis Alonso, Arnaud Grignard, Francesco Pilla, Anna Penzo, Tossaporn Saengja, Ronald Dooley


Predicting hourly and daily energy consumption in the country and in individual segments.

Contributors: Yan Leng, Anna Sinelnikova, Brian Wheatman, Alejandro Noriega