The Atlas of Opportunity


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Mohsen Bahrami

The Atlas of Opportunity is a platform that allows communities to derive insights from their own data. 

The tool was created in collaboration with business and government stakeholders in Adelaide, Australia, to combine open government data with commercial data to allow insights to be shared with individuals using open-source tools developed in Human Dynamics and Connection Science.

The Atlas showcases recent research revealing that understanding community movement patterns is crucial for understanding economic growth and mobility. Places with more diverse movement patterns are more likely to have higher near-future economic growth. 

This Atlas can inform a new generation of data-informed strategies and advanced methods that are used to understand how human behavior (e.g. movements, spending) shapes economic prosperity. The current map intends to provide insights for small business owners and help them make informed decisions about the location for starting their new business or subsidiary branch. Users can find a wide variety of information about each neighborhood. The data include information about sociodemographic, economic, spending, and mobility data. Difference indices and prediction measures are provided that could be useful for business owners to make better decisions.

The Atlas of Opportunity has begun expanding out from the collaboration in Australia to elsewhere in the world including Brazil, Italy, Turkey, and the U.S.