The BentoScope is a portable iteration of the CityScope platform, conceived by the City Science group at the MIT Media Lab. This compact version, measuring 36cm in height and 24cm in both width and depth, is an innovative tool tailored to address urban planning and spatial design challenges on a smaller scale. Like its larger counterpart, the BentoScope integrates a variety of tangible and digital elements to facilitate the simulation and analysis of urban interventions. It retains the core functionality of CityScope, providing an interactive computational resource for urban planning, but in a more accessible and transportable format. The BentoScope supports similar applications, including the collaborative allocation of resources, crowd-sourced urban mapping, and the co-creation of transit systems, aiming to empower users with actionable insights into urban dynamics. This portable version is especially suited for on-site evaluations, workshops, and educational settings, allowing stakeholders at various levels to engage with the platform and make informed decisions in a more interactive and intimate setting.

In June 2018, the pioneering BentoScope made its debut at an influential workshop titled "On Cities," which was hosted by the Norman Foster Foundation. This seminal event was led by the esteemed trio of Kent Larson, Yan Zhang, and Luis Alonso. The workshop marked a significant milestone in the application of innovative urban planning tools, as the BentoScope offered participants a unique, hands-on experience in tackling urban design challenges. This compact yet powerful tool enabled a deeper engagement with spatial design concepts, fostering a collaborative environment where ideas could flourish. The "On Cities" workshop not only showcased the BentoScope's capabilities but also underscored the potential of portable urban planning tools in shaping the future of cities.

In November 2018, the BentoScope played a pivotal role in the inaugural collaborative workshop between Universidad de Guadalajara (UdeG) and the City Science Group, held in Guadalajara, Mexico. This event marked a significant moment in international academic collaboration, as it brought together experts and participants from diverse backgrounds to explore urban planning and design through the innovative lens of the BentoScope. The workshop provided a hands-on experience, leveraging the BentoScope's unique capabilities to facilitate a rich exchange of ideas and methodologies. This cross-cultural academic engagement underscored the importance of integrating cutting-edge technology like the BentoScope in addressing urban challenges, fostering a shared vision for the future of city planning and development.

BentoScope is an original idea of Kent Larson and Yan Zhang