Gender Affirming Makeup

Nina Lutz

~~~This project is on indefinite hold due to COVID-19~~~

What if we could leverage technology and modern cosmetics for good? To empower people to explore identities? To give anyone, regardless of skill level, the tools to bend, express, and explore various gender identities and traits?

The goal of this project is to use mathematics and computation to create a tool that will allow a user to add more feminine, masculine, or androgynous traits to themselves with cosmetics. After interacting with renders and the tool's preferences, the user will receive a list of cosmetics and then follow along with the tool in real time while they apply their makeup.

This tool is meant to be accessible, to be free and open source technology, and made for users of all skin tones, shapes, and preferences. To allow anyone to express their identities.

This work is ongoing and will have regular updates, beta releases, and user surveys coming soon.