Design Justice Project at MIT


Anastasia K. Ostrowski

Anastasia K. Ostrowski

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Raechel Walker
Research Assistant
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Anastasia Ostrowski
Research Assistant
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Cynthia Breazeal
Professor of Media Arts and Sciences; MIT Dean for Digital Learning Director

Other Contributors

Rima Das, Mechanical Engineering, Graduate Student

Jana I Saadi, Mechanical Engineering, PhD Student

Marina Santos, Biology/Biological Sciences, Undergraduate Student, Wellesley College

Jennifer Zhang, Undergraduate Student

Kanokwan Tungkitkancharoen, Mechanical Engineering & Political Science, Undergraduate Student

Aditi Verma, Nuclear Science & Engineering PhD + Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School 

Sara Atwood, Dean of the School of Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science, Elizabethtown College

Catherine D’Ignazio, Assistant Professor of Urban Science & Planning, Department of Urban Studies & Planning

Maria Yang, Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Previous Collaborators:  Olivia Dias, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Undergraduate Student;  Gillian J Roeder, Mechanical Engineering, Undergraduate Student; Barbara Adjei, Cognitive Science and Linguistics, Undergraduate Student, Dartmouth College; Paige Lighthammer, Nuclear Engineering, Undergraduate Student, University of Michigan; Kimberley Kimura, Wellesley College; Shelly Ben-David, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Undergraduate Student