Customizing Mnemonics with AI

Generating customized, memorable visuals and stories to support memory. 

Mnemonics are strategies used to remember information better (e.g. method of loci, acronyms, narratives). However,  we are often unsure how to apply and practice these strategies. The project aims to develop digital systems that help users generate customizable and unique visual and verbal mnemonics with AI. The systems guide users in using these strategies for remembering and learning. 

Building upon the NeverMind project at Fluid Interfaces Group, the project also explores supporting the "method of loci" (often known as the "memory palace" method) that uses familiar routes and locations to help memorize sequential information. This work extends previous work on supporting remembering of future intended tasks (e.g. sending an email upon reaching home) via mobile and conversational interfaces that guide users in applying "implementation intentions"  (sometimes called the "when-then" or "if-then" technique).