El Poema de la Fabrica Cósmica


This sonic rite consists of a listening session of the performance of the place, guided by the Para-Cantora, a sonic device that acts as a medium between worlds. It becomes a parasite of the place and through environmental sensing, real-time mapping, and six speakers, it diffuses the chant of the apparently silent agents around us. It is a transductive device that contains different environmental sensors that are mapped in real time into different sounds (synthesizers, samples, textures, words, and other voices) that create a musical performance of the place, unveiling the performativity of non-human agents on the environment and their expressive capacities. In places where the natural and technological collide there are particular disturbances that are transduced by this parasitic medium to create a sonic poem that is imprinted in our collective material memory and sensitizes us through the aural. Become a membrane and resonate like a drum. Connect with your quark-gluon-plasma origins. Shake your material existence, and let this parasitic medium guide you through a concert of a specific moment in space and time. This is an exercise of listening to emerge together, stimulate perception, confuse reality, and resonate with the sense that we are as much part of nature as we are part of culture.

This experimental performance took place in different parts of the world where the natural and technological collide, as part of the Simetría Residency (CERN, ALMA and ESO). Recordings and listening sessions where hosted at  CERN in the LHC ALICE Detector in Switzerland, the ALMA Observatory OSF, in the Atacama Desert in Chile, and Paranal Observatory, ESO, in the Atacama Desert in Chile.

Sensors in the sculpture: Barometric pressure, altitude, temperature, accelerometer, electromagnetic fields, anemometer, wind turbine, light, proximity, and vibrations.

It has six independent channels and it works with battery, so it is absolutely self contained.