Equity WITHOUT Zoning


City Science

City Science


Increasing equity and affordability through fractional ownership including the creation of local economies that promote prosocial behaviors and aim to keep wealth in a community.

Equity WITHOUT Zoning is a research project that explores incentivized policies and the impact on affordable housing. Teams have developed a platform that allows users to explore housing options in alignment with development and policy. The tool measures urban performance using a radar plot that reviews affordability, diversity of income, mobility energy savings and building energy savings to quantify both social and environmental performance of the proposals. The platform also compares audience-generated policies and algorithm-optimized policies. The tool allows facilitators to gauge user policy preference using a stated preference method. 

Equity WITHOUT zoning is an ongoing collaboration between researchers in the City Science group at the MIT Media Lab and researchers at the City Science Lab in Shanghai based in the College of Design and Innovation at Tongji University.