HairIO: A Discreet Wearable Device for Realistic Tactile Sensation





HairIO uses hair-based sensors to detect and transmit data.

HairIO explores the possible interaction space of fur, and it has the potential to be used as a sensor, actuator, and wearable tool for sharing different types of data. The electronic components are seamlessly integrated into the skin patches. The sensing and actuation modules could also be combined, so that each patch would have the ability to do both, and the paired patches could be separated from each other by greater distances.

The Hairio interface also has the potential to be used as a kind of sensor that could collect data from a variety of situations. For example, it could be adapted to collect wind or other weather data and transmit it to someone inside, allowing them to feel the rain or snow without getting wet. It could also be used to subtly convey emotional data to those around you, which would otherwise be imperceptible to anyone but yourself.

We envision this technology being used in a wearable telepresence device that mediates intimacy between two emotionally close but physically separated humans.