The SciFi Audio Workstation


Charles Holbrow

Charles Holbrow


The internet  changed  how we create, distribute, and consume music and media. Modern digital tools for creating music and media provide "cloud enabled" features like automatic backups, an asset marketplace, and real-time collaboration. Despite these features, current  tools for creating music are still based on the personal computing paradigms of the 20th century. How will media production change in the 21st century?

Internet engineering introduced the concept of cloud-native applications. What would it mean for end-user experience to be truly cloud-native? This project shows a very early prototype that illustrates some of the possibilities. In this approach, the assets that make up a music project are securely exposed to the Internet, where they can be accessed and manipulated by digital services  and and human collaborators.

The long-term goal is to give individual content creators control of their data, and a share of the benefits provided by machine learning analytics. A longer description and technical blueprint can be found in  Turning the Digital Audio Workstation Inside Out.

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