KALM: BCI Systems for Managing Anxiety and Stress

Angela Vujic

The KALM project consists of a multimodal dataset and a wearable system for managing anxiety.  With this set of tools we aim to make novel contributions in the area of anxiety management via physiological signals. 

Background and Motivation

Anxiety and depression have become one of the largest causes of disability worldwide. EEG can offer quantifiable information on aspects of anxiety and depression. Meanwhile, EEG-based brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) have become available in wearable, compact and cheap form factors. Their new accessibility and ease of use offers a huge opportunity for everyday individuals to be able to track, understand, and manage their mental health without requiring expert knowledge. As a part of KALM we are studying multimodal physiological data that can be integrated with EEG in real-world environments for everyday users seeking to manage aspects of their mental health.