Memory Music Box

Rebecca Kleinberger


We are transforming a classic music jewelry box into a digital memory box and Skype portal that enable those not familiar with technology to stay in touch with their family and friends. The box has three different modes. To switch mode the user only has to turn the small crank in the back, like they would do with a regular music box. The crank is linked to a rotary encoder. The back of the box is covered with a two-way mirror covering a small LCD screen; when the screen is turned off, it looks like a regular mirror but when the screen is on, it looks like a display. In the first mode, the box plays the favorite music of the user with the screen off. In the second mode, the display shows photographs of family and friends. By turning the crank or by clicking on the characters in the photographs, the box goes into mode 3, which is a Skype portal enabling the user to instantly call a family member face-to-face. This device is mainly imagined for elderly parents with dementia or memory loss.