Microgravity Research Flights with the Space Exploration Intiative


Steve Boxall

Steve Boxall/ZERO-G

The Space Exploration Initiative charters an annual ZERO-G parabolic flight for 10-15 projects and 25 researchers across MIT Media Lab, several departments at MIT (including AeroAstro, EAPS, and others), as well as outside collaborators. To help support this flight opportunity, SEI teaches a course each Fall term on project development, prototyping, and deployment readiness for parabolic flights. Much more information about the course (including current projects, recordings and other lecture material, and data from previous flights) is located on the official course website.

SEI has flown six flights so far (Nov 2017, Aug 2019,  twice in May 2021, May 2022, and May 2024), with the next flight planned for Spring 2025. Explore the modules below to learn more about each flight!

Research Topics
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