SoCity DAO


SoCity DAO

SoCity DAO 


The SoCity project aims to build a non-profit DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to bring together communities, individuals and organizations in cities to drive positive change through prosocial and pro-sustainability behaviors. At the heart of SoCity is an innovative paradigm with a decentralized incentive policy. By quantifying each participant's social and sustainable value contribution, monetizing it, and providing rewards to further strengthen positive feedback loops, we create a dynamic, self- reinforcing system that drives real change in cities. With awareness, empowerment and trust, we believe that everyone can participate and have a real impact. SoCity research encompasses the following sub-projects:

SoCity Green Commute

A project aiming at encouraging greener daily commute behaviors. SoCity Green Commute explores personal carbon allowance, tokenomics, and decentralized governance using a mobile DApp.

SoCity Prosocial Urban Development (formerly SoCity Community DAO)

A project for a prosocial urban development paradigm in which the community is operated as a DAO to gain property ownership, autonomy of decision-making and rights to intervene in the development process. The system includes a multi-stakeholder indicator system, tokenomics, and decentralized governance options via a web-based DApp.

SoCity dVCM 

A research on decentralized Voluntary Carbon Market, a new way to address the current challenges faced by the carbon market exploring carbon credits and broader citizen engagement.