The Telemetron Adventures

Nicole L'Huillier


The Telemetron is a musical instrument specially designed to be performed in microgravity environments. It is created to explore the poetics of movement in outer space and the relational aspects of an antigravitational performance between human and non-human bodies. Through this line of work, we explore how the creation of culture might evolve as we leave Earth. The Telemetron project proposes a space in space for everybody - a space to share, to create, to listen.

During the summer of 2018,  the Telemetron was presented on different occasions:

The Telemetron was exhibited at Ars Electronica as part of the exhibition "A Glitch in the Stars" curated by the MIT Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative. Nicole L'Huillier designed the exhibition along with Sands Fish and Xin Liu.

The Telemetron was featured at Sónar+D, a festival that explores how creativity is changing our present and imagining new futures. Nicole was invited to speak in the "Making Music in Space" panel. She also gave a workshop called "Antigravitational Luthiers". Also, the Telemetron was part of The Zero Gravity Band Exhibition.

We published the paper “Telemetron: a musical instrument for performance in zero gravity” at NIME, and Sands Fish presented it at the international conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, describing the technical design of our first Telemetron. 

Nicole also gave a talk about the Telemetron at the En Orbita Festival in NYC.

The Telemetron was created by Nicole L'Huillier and Sands Fish. With the assistance of Thomas Sanchez Lengeling, Sarah Hua, and Matt Carney. It was created on the context of the Space Exploration Initiative first zero gravity research flight. We are currently working on more space instruments, stay tuned.