A Novel Enhanced Electric-Field Impact-Ionization MOS Transistor

D. Sarkar, N. Singh and K. Banerjee, "A Novel Enhanced Electric-Field Impact-Ionization MOS Transistor," in IEEE Electron Device Letters, vol. 31, no. 11, pp. 1175-1177, Nov. 2010.


A novel enhanced electric-field impact-ionization MOS (E2I-MOS) is proposed, which achieves a subthreshold swing of as low as 6 mV/dec at room temperature while reducing the breakdown voltage by about 1.8 V. The E2I-MOS exhibits ≥ 10 × lower off-state leakage compared to previously reported I-MOS structures, thus reducing the power consumption and also making the device more scalable. A very high on current of the order of 1 mA/μm can be obtained. Additionally, the device reliability is expected to be improved by confining hot carrier generation away from the gate dielectric region.

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