An Analytic Model for Skin Modulus Measurement via Conformal Piezoelectric Systems

Shi, Y., Dagdeviren, C., Gao, C.F., Rogers, J.A., Huang Y., Journal of Applied Mechanics (ASME Transactions), 82(9), 091007-091014, 2015.


The Young’s modulus of human skin is of great interests to dermatology, cutaneous pathology, and cosmetic industry. A wearable, ultrathin, and stretchable device provides a noninvasive approach to measure the Young’s modulus of human skin at any location, and in a way that is mechanically invisible to the subject. A mechanics model is developed in this paper to establish the relation between the sensor voltage and the skin modulus, which, together with the experiments, provides a robust way to determine the Young’s modulus of the human skin.

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