Open Agriculture in the Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial with Cube Design Museum


Tim Savas

Tim Savas

Nature—Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial with Cube Design Museum

Nature addresses the ways designers are exploring sustainable production methods, identifying new ways for protecting future generations, and deepening the understanding of, and relationship with, nature. Areas of innovation include synthetic biology, data visualization, urban agriculture, and alternative materials research.

The exhibition is co-organized with the Cube design museum in Kerkrade, Netherlands, and opens simultaneously at both museums.

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The Open Agriculture Initiative is proud to showcase its latest Open Phenome research, and three Personal Food Computers created specifically for the exhibition.

The Open Agriculture team responsible for this installation:

Person People
Caleb Harper
Director, OpenAg Initiative
Person People
Hildreth England
Co-Director, PlusMinus
Person People
Daniel Poitrast
Technical Director, OpenAg
Person People
Rob Baynes
Lead Back End Developer
Person People
Tim Savas
Visiting Scientist, Harman
Past Member
Person People
Rebekah Carlson
Plant Research Assistant, OpenAg (MITemps)
Person People
Sebastian Nowak
Research Support Associate
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