Media Lab @ World Economic Forum 2023


Photo by Damian Markutt on Unsplash

Photo by Damian Markutt on Unsplash

Monday — Friday
January 16, 2023 —
January 20, 2023

The following Media Lab community members participated in the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting this year. *Note that all livestreamed sessions were recorded.  

January 18, 5:30am–6:15am ET | In the Face of Fragility: Central Bank Digital Currencies

Neha Narula participated in this session and discussed this research from the Media Lab's Digital Currency Initiative. 

January 18, 9am–10:30am ET | Scaling Space Economy for Earth

Dava Newman was a moderator of this closed session.

January 19, 3am–3:30am ET | The Earth Data Revolution

The world produces more than 100 terabytes of earth observation data every day. The volume and variety of datasets as well as the speed and veracity in which data is received will transform the way we analyze information, set policies, and make decisions. What are the promising possibilities and partnerships to harness data for climate insights and action?

Dava Newman moderated this session, which was livestreamed. 

January 19, 4:15am–4:45am ET | Space Exploration is Back

Humanity is entering a new era of space exploration with human beings set to return to the moon soon and robotic missions to other planets. What exciting new discoveries in the solar system might we uncover this decade that could change how we view our planet and what kind of public-private partnerships will be needed to get us there?

Dava Newman moderated this session, which was livestreamed.

January 19, 10:15am–11am ET | Closer to the Final Frontier?

From space mining to satellite connectivity, from new space stations to advanced Earth observation, the space sector is pushing the limits of technology ever more. What new possibilities will these advances bring to society and what will the sector look like by the end of this decade?

Dava Newman was a panelist during this session, which was livestreamed.

January 19, 12pm ET | Human Dynamics / MIT Connection Science Reception 

A reception at the Dome hosted by Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland; members of the Media Lab community led a variety of discussion groups.

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