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Yasushi Sakai

Yasushi Sakai 

Tuesday — Monday
February 27, 2024 —
May 27, 2024

Consensus Collages - new tools for governance support

Yasushi Sakai, PhD Student

In urban planning, reaching consensus is challenging due to complex interests and limited inclusion. Our new governance support tool is designed to better navigate these complexities, enabling more inclusive consensus-building in planning projects. It stands out by efficiently handling a level of complexity unmatched by existing systems. 

Yasushi's work scales from designing microcontroller schematics from mega structures, to converting tangible artifacts to intangible experiences.His interest focuses on the blurry distinction between machines and humans from the perspective of intelligence and methods of creation including large-scale city planning that incorporates social aspects of this collective machine as a whole.

Urban Mining & Regenerative E-waste Systems: Visions towards Sustainable Futures for Informal Settlements

Georine Pierre, Masters Student

Georine Pierre is an architect and multimedia designer addressing integrated practices of experimental urbanisms, ecological urgency, equity, and technology. Her work often involves innovative techniques of material production, rigorous ecological research, public intervention, and narrative storytelling devices. With a focus on urban mining in city environments, Georine highlights the importance of recognizing both formal and informal aspects of the e-waste sector, particularly in West Africa and other global cities. 

How do Communities (Re)design Cities? Collective Data for Human-Centric Environments

Leticia Izquierdo, PhD Student

Leticia is an architect and media designer, with a Master's in Advanced Computational Architecture and Design from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. She is currently focusing on AI and human experience for responsive cities. Leticia is passionate about using AI and technology to analyze urban data for designing cities that positively impact people's lives. 

ImmerScope - Building New Immersive Experiences

Vincy Xiao, Masters Student

Vincy, a passionate mechanical engineer, is dedicated to turning innovative ideas into prototypes with a strong focus on teamwork and real-world impact. Her work in projects like the Persuasive Electric Vehicles and ImmerScope showcase her ability to blend robotics with Human-Machine Interfaces and Generative AI, aiming for societal benefits. She bridges engineering and social sciences to tackle urban challenges, highlighting her commitment to using technology for societal good.

Prosocial Urban Development

Yan (Ryan) Zhang, PhD Student

Ryan's research includes 1) SoCity DAO, decentralized incentive policies that promote pro-social, pro-sustainable urban life and urban development; 2) urban big data analytics using cutting-edge AI technologies such as deep learning and computer vision; 3) CityScope, an urban decision support system augmented by AI, AR, and TUI (tangible user interface) that democratizes the urban decision-making process.  

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