Inventing disruptive technologies for nanoelectronic devices and creating new paradigms for life-machine symbiosis

Deblina Sarkar

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Email Deblina Sarkar ( if interested in grad student/postdoc positions using THIS FORMATEmails without this format may not be read. 

Postdoctoral Associate 

Postdoctoral position available in Magnetoelectric Devices. Details can be found HERE.

Postdoctoral position available in Wireless Biomedical Sensing and RF engineering. Details can be found  HERE.

Graduate Students

The Nano-Cybernetic Biotrek research group is looking for students with background/interests  in the specific areas given below. Apart from the following areas, NCB is also open to enthusiastic and passionate students in bioengineering, chemical, mechanical, materials engineering, applied physics, and related fields.

  1. Electronic devices, MOSFETs, solid state physics, electronic circuits
  2. Electromagnetism, antennae design, RFID, wireless sensing
  3. New materials, polymer chemistry, drug delivery   
  4. Biomedical devices, wearable, implants, prosthetics
  5. Brain activity recording, brain stimulation


  • Strong grasp of fundamentals in one of the above areas


  • Nanofabrication skills
  • Device design/modeling experience
  • Experience in animal surgery, implanting devices
  • Experience in recording with electrodes, patch clamp
  • Experience in cell culture, genetic engineering, protein engineering

Students are encouraged to apply through the Media Lab's graduate Program in Media Arts and Sciences. Application procedure can be found here