Inventing disruptive technologies for nanoelectronic devices and creating new paradigms for life-machine symbiosis

Deblina Sarkar

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Postdoctoral Associate 

To apply see the availability and links below.

Postdoc position in brain stimulation and recording in-vivo in mice

Postdoc position in polymer chemistry/chemical functionalization/drug delivery/ chemical-bio-gas sensing

Postdoc position in Magnetoelectric Devices and Spintronics

Postdoc position in Wireless Sensing

Postdoc position in Nanoelectronics and/or 2D materials

Graduate Students

For applying :
- Submit an application to MIT Media Lab by December 1st

(We may not be able to respond to all emails)

(Recommendation letters and English test scores can be submitted after the deadline)

(Our lab does not require a research portfolio to be submitted)

The Nano-Cybernetic Biotrek research group is looking for students with background/interests  in the specific areas given below. Apart from the following areas, NCB is also open to enthusiastic and passionate students in bioengineering, chemical, mechanical, materials engineering, applied physics, and related fields.

  1. Electromagnetism, Antennae, RFID, wireless sensing, RF engineering, magnetic resonance
  2. Nanoelectronics, Electronic devices, solid state physics, electronic circuits, Neuromorphic devices
  3. magnetic materials and devices, magnetics, Spintronics
  4. nano-materials, polymer chemistry, drug delivery
  5. biomedical devices, wearable, implants, prosthetics
  6. brain activity recording, brain stimulation