Building socially engaging robots and interactive technologies to help people live healthier lives, connect with others, and learn better


MIT Media Lab / Personal Robots group

Personal Robots group

We develop personal robots that interact with, communicate with, and learn from people through social interaction. Inspired by human behavior, our goal is to build socially intelligent, capable robotic (or virtual) creatures that partake in people's daily lives in rich and rewarding ways. Given the multi-disciplinary nature of this endeavor, our research explores all areas relevant to social robotics and human-robot interaction: e.g., social learning (imitation, interactive games, scaffolding), psychological modeling (attention, motivation, memory, decision making), human user studies, cognitive architectures, non-verbal communication (emotion, gesture), human-robot teaming, and more.

What We're Looking For:

Students who have a solid background in technical aspects of human-robot or human-computer interaction, social robotics, mobile manipulation, human and multi-robot systems, computational learning, artificial intelligence, game design, and/or interactive characters. Other areas of expertise that considered a plus are: animation, user-study design, interaction design, and/or experience with particular domains such as education, autism, health, or play therapy.

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