Extending human and computer abilities in sensing, communication, and actuation through signals and networks



Christine Davidoff, MIT

Group mission: 

We explore and develop new technologies and algorithms for wireless sensing, communications, and networking with a focus on autonomous systems and biomedical sensing. Our current projects range from wireless control of tiny sensors inside the body to ocean-scale wireless communications. All of our projects involve fundamental technical research, and they aim at contributing to human health and/or planet health.

Different projects in our group span a wide array of technical backgrounds including signal processing, machine learning, hardware (or IC) design,  computer networking, computer vision, and software programming. We acknowledge that incoming candidates may not have a background in all of these areas, but we expect all applicants to be passionate about developing software/hardware systems for real-world impact.

What We're Looking For:

Students and postdocs with strong technical backgrounds in computer science, electrical engineering, and/or physics. We expect applicants to have conducted research in one of these or in related fields.  Programming background is required for all applicants.

Do you need to submit a portfolio for applying to Signal Kinetics? A portfolio is not required (or useful) for admission into the group; if you submit a portfolio, it will neither help nor hurt your chances of being considered for admission.

Do you need a publication to be considered for admission to Signal Kinetics? Publications are helpful for admissions, but they are not necessary. If you are an undergraduate student, we understand that you may have contributed to a  research project whose publication  is still pending. As long as you have conducted research with one of your recommendation letter writers, we will consider you favorably for admission.

How to Apply?

Graduate Students: Learn about applying  through the Program in Media Arts & Sciences.

Postdocs: If you're interested in a postdoc position, email Prof. Adib directly (fadel@mit.edu). We have openings in underwater acoustic communication systems, applied machine learning, antenna design, and RFIC design.